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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


DON'T Wish for it WORK for IT!

Many times the difference between achieving a goal is simply just deciding for yourself that it's not an option and that you WILL achieve, attain, or reach it. When you say "I'll try" or "I wish" you've already unconsciously stated that there is a possibility that it wont happen or that you'll fail. When you think and talk about things in the affirmative I personally feel you speak it into existence and bring positive energy to whatever the goal may be. Right now I have a situation that I've been going back and forth on. When shit gets tough I always want to throw in the towel and say fuck it but always come back and try again because at the end of the day, it's something I really really want and care about. What I need to do is decide whether I'm going to put my all into it or if I'm just going to let it be because I'm not going to get anywhere half-stepping.... sighhhh

Cute but cashhh

I've always admired Christina Milian more for her style than her musical talents (lol), LaLa does OK sometimes, and Beyonce we all know is just fabulous Beyonce whether she hits the style mark or misses it. I love all these looks because they are both cute and casual. I like really stylish, well put together looks, that don't look like you tried too hard. To me all these looks I could wear to class, then shopping after class and straight on to a lounge or the club for drinks Thursday night! These are even cute date attire to a cute movie, dinner, or wherever.

I am a fan of a great quality pair of jeans, and I also love the destroyed look. I like destroyed jeans much better when they're not made like that and the hole occur through wearing them but I can't complain about these. The heels dress it up and the tunic is very laid back but still cute.... (side note: wtf is up w/ her and the Dream? Isn't it a coincidence that Christina always dater her producer? smh)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit... I love short mini dresses with stacked heels and the fact that the dress is short but still flirty, fun, and CLASSY makes it a winner. The addition of the long cardigan takes it from being to hottie tottie to a little more laid back look that's more appropriate for more places.

The jeans are fab, and the YSL pumps really made this outfit. I've always loved those shoes (too bad my funds dont allow me to indulge lol). I do prefer Bey's causal shopping and vacation looks much more than her red carpet. This is a cute outfit for a chillier day and perfect for me right now since there are SNOW FLURRIES and a high of 40 degrees in ATLANTA GA IN APRIL!? again...SMH

Saturday, March 28, 2009

You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone...

Not I said the Dog.
I'm one of those few people who is well aware of everything she has and the value of it, at least when it comes to people and relationships. It doesnt take for me to lose something to realize how much I want it or how great it was. So when I walk away it's because there's nothing worth keeping me where I am.

no regrets.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Kanye news...

Idk what's up with Kanye these days... I hated just about every song on his miserable and whiney new album except Paranoid and Robocop -- mind you, I own and absolutely love all his other albums. As of late he just seems so withdrawn and almost strung out? Nonetheless, after the sad death of his mother and break up with long time girlfriend Alexis Phifer I can see why he would seem 'not himself''.

BUT... On a brighter note I love him and his new girlfriend Amber Rose (video vixen). She's hot all by her damn self! She's rocking the HELL out of that BALD BLONDE HEAD of hers and her and Kanye just seem so well suited. *** I have heard rumors about her being an ex-stripper and former lesbian but who cares.*** Recently the couple has been seen at several Fashion Week events in London proving they're a style match made in heaven.

pax pacis

First Family host first Black Tie Affair

I must admit our first lady is absolutely fabulous. *sighhhh*

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Christina Milian wearing the BEBE shoes that I would sell my half brother for if I had one!!!

Handle It!

Ahh first blog of 2009! I haven't really wrote anything or felt the motivation to do so. Everything this year so far has been pretty good and the things that did get me down have taught me a good life lesson none the less. I'm kind of getting tired of people talking about New Years 'Resolutions' because its just NOT going to happen, nobody ever sticks to them! EVER!... But there are some things I want to change and progress at with the start of the 2009 year...

1. STOP being a good friend to people who don't deserve that type of friendship and be more of a reflection of the friendship I am receiving. I always try to be the best friend I can be to the few people I hold close to me and am sometimes oblivious to the fact that some ppl just don't deserve that type of commitment and dedication. Some people just cant be held down because at the end of the day they're not evolved enough to appreciate and reciprocate true love and loyalty like that. But for the one who are, I LOVE YOU and cant wait to power into this New Year with you with an even closer and loving relationship than in 2008. I gots you ;)

2. CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!! I have a tendency to be very high strung, paranoid, and intense! I tend to care, over react, and get pissed off about things that many others would just let go or overlook. So I'm going to make an effort to be more care free and apathetic about some issues.

3. Get a J.O.B. ( no explanation needed)

4. Be smarter and more in tune with the male species and try to evaluate who I am attracted to and WHY!? LOL. Just make better choices over all on who I let into my life romantically and make sure that person is deserving of me.

5. Like wise, continue to develop myself into the best Woman I can be! I'm always steady trying to mold myself into the most well-rounded, intelligent, attractive, respectful, intriguing etc etc. lady possible first and foremost for me, for my family, for God, and for the lucky man I will marry sometime in the not so near future ;). You can never stop growing and you never learn enough or know enough.

6. Keep up with my good grades. I'm really proud of myself for doing so well so far in school and I just need to work on motivating myself to do better, network more, STUDY STUDY STUDY, and read more!

Well that's all I'll say for now I don't want to bore anyone. I hope that everyone has come into this New Year with there eyes more open and a more positive attitude and outlook.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Santa,

Christmas and my 20th birthday (January 5th) are fast approaching and i'm kind of sour and sweet about it. I love the holidays and there's always been much anticipation for my birthday every year but this year i'm kind of iffy of the fact that i'm turning 20! ughhh... I just dont know about that number, I was so excited about turning 19 and I kind of wish I could just stay 19 for one more year... 20 just sounds so less adolescent, like i'm really going to have to get my shit together and start growing up now. I dont know if I like that. But nonetheless i'm going to try and welcome it with open arms --- i'm currently planning a really hot and glam New Years/Pre 20th Birthday shindig with my closest girls and a birthday soiree with some of my lovely friends!
I thought i'd leave you all with my Christmas/Birthday wish list especially because *I feel like this blog is shying away from the topics that I wanted to talk about when I first started, which is fashion/socialite/entertainment/lux/lifestyle type things and it's getting into a more 'woe is me' blog.... so here's the list in no particular order... enjoy ;D

BEBE France Leather Platform Wedge ($168)
saw these in Lenox the other day and just about died -_- sky high and a really unique twist to the classic wedge heel = love it.

MAC Makeup
If you know me you know i am addicted to MAC makeup - once i started wearing there eye shadows and pigments I haven't been able to wear any thing else!

Arden B. Marled Sweater vest ($68)
really cute for the season - dress it up, dress it down.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf ($95-150)
my best friend bought me this perfume last year for my birthday and it is my signature scent - the boys l.o.v.e. it!

Quality Jeans
I never really wear labeled out jeans like this, I love GUESS jeans and I like how there label is discreetly placed on some of their jeans but my best friend got me into R&R's and i think they're my new love <3

(Rock & Republic "Kasandra" $180)
(Rock & Republic "Stella" $200)
(True Religion"Julie" $172)

Jessica Simpson "Striker" Sandal ($89)
I love her shoe designs, too bad they're never made in real leather :/

nothing like a winter romance too keep you warm during the cold holiday season and to ring in the New year ;)

pax pacis

Monday, November 24, 2008

Actions Speak Louder...

sometimes those are pretty silent too.
I miss the days when it wasn't so naive to take people seriously. The days when the things people said, even the actions people made were viable to be taken seriously. Forget the shit people talk. I've come across so many people who should be awarded Oscars because they act in such a way that is so honest, genuine, passionate, and meaningful but their intentions obviously are not reflective of those actions. Where I'm from actions are representations of intentions and feelings. Every action made is symbolic to a certain message or feeling that needs to be sent. Smiling is symbolic to happiness, a smirk to sneakiness, a flip of the middle finger simply and boldly meaning "fuck you!". Everything has a meaning. It has come to my realization that the correlation between the actions people make and the way the feel is not congruent. People will invest so much time into a person, not only money, but TIME and at the end of the day will betray, deceive, and break your heart like you're the only one who is losing something. What about all the time spent, laughs laughed, kisses, deep conversation, On Demand movies bought while enjoying one another's genuine and sole company. No glitter, no people to impress, no forced conversations and social obligations, just pure well intended quality time laying on the couch basking in one another's presence.
I have one word of advice. People need to stop wasting their time.
-- I've come to the conclusion that there's just some shit I'll never understand. Love is beginning and the end of that list.
pax pacis